Analyse and strategy



Maintenance and evolution

Analyse and strategy
Analyzing and advising.

To shape a digital experience, we first gain an in-depth understanding of your business reality, your needs and your challenges. Our experts make sure to guide you by validating the project's scope and feasibility. Based on concrete facts, we then recommend the most appropriate strategy to achieve success.

Shaping the digital experience.

We team up with you to reinvent your digital experiences and create innovative new solutions. We are constantly thinking up new ways of doing things, adding elements that create an emotional connection and delight for the user. Our endless creativity allows us to elegantly solve complex problems.

Materializing the solution.

At this crucial stage, we transform your strategy into reality. Drawing on their experience, our specialized teams use technology to co-create your vision and build first-class products and ecosystems. Our open communication and our collaborative approach throughout the whole process guarantee your success.

Maintenance and evolution
Supporting your evolution.

To bolster the success of your platforms, our experts guide you in their adoption and implementation. We facilitate deployment and operationalization to deliver your project and offer you peace of mind. Finally, we support you in the evolution of your solution so that your digital products and ecosystems are kept fully relevant and future-ready.

Digital experience strategy
We analyze the quality and consistency of your digital experiences and compare them to industry best practices.
Product discovery process
We explore and define your project with you in order to identify technological opportunities and risks.
Application ecosystem audit
We analyze your application ecosystem to understand its reach and value, in addition to identifying the potential for evolution and improvement.
Process and business analysis
We observe how you function and find ways to optimize your operations.
User interface design (UI)
We design interfaces that will become an extension of your brand and your organization.
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User experience design (UX)
We imagine the components with you that will make your digital solution intuitive, fun and efficient.
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User journeys in the ecosystem
We map, define and optimize your users' journey across all your applications by focusing on their success within your ecosystem.
Browsable prototype design
We create a tool without any programming to quickly test the relevance, power and consistency of your features and interfaces.
Application ecosystem architecture
We reflect on your constellation of applications and how they can interact with one another in a more optimized way.
Mobile application development
We build applications in native languages for iOS and Android platforms and design them to meet the specificities of each.
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Web application development
We design accessible and efficient Web applications with interfaces that adapt to each context.
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Web-based management portals and consoles
We create websites and Web portals that allow you to interact with your data and your users.
Reports and dashboards
We enable the visualization and analysis of your systems' data with adapted and easy to understand statistical tools.
Interconnectivity and integration
We securely integrate and connect your applications to one another (Middleware, CRM, ERP, Ecom, CMS, ioT, etc.) to maximize the value of your investment and expand your possibilities.
Technology modernization and cloud migration
We update your legacy tailor-made software to ensure it meets new ergonomic and technical standards thanks to a gradual rewrite.
Quality assurance and automated testing
We implement a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the excellence of all our software development projects.
Maintenance and evolution
We ensure the sustainability and enhancement of your platforms through our reactive and proactive support plans.
Training and technical support
We help you to learn how to fully utilize your new tools with our personalized, step-by-step training plans.
Hosting and monitoring
We offer a reliable and high-performance hosting service for your solutions, whether in the cloud or on our secure servers.
Change management
We support you in your organizational transition in order to improve the adoption of your new digital applications.
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