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Elevate your relationships or business operations with Web applications.

At Appcom, we create unique and adapted web applications, whether you're looking for a business web application that integrates complex KPIs, APIs, geomatics, interactive cartography or simply data. We provide personalized services and use the best technology to design web products that will be used and stay relevant over time.

Unlike a native application, a Web application easily adapts to any internet browser and doesn't require any special installation. The possibilities of such an application are truly endless since it integrates easily, and often at low cost, into an application ecosystem.

We develop quality digital products and ecosystems.
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Improve your operations and reach new audiences with cross-platform apps.

By creating useful cross-platform Web applications, your organization will reach new heights. Taking pride in our work creating complex Web applications, interactive cartography and Web portals, Appcom will support you in the realization of:

  • Complex or simple management systems
  • Web-services portal
  • Adaptive interactive mapping
  • Online geographic data display system
  • Geo-positioning of users with micro-location (iBeacon and Eddystone) and geo-fencing
  • Autonomous management console
  • Totally secure system working with platforms such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc.
  • Online store with or without inventory management
  • Sale of services and products requiring subscriptions and renewals
  • Management modules for automatic sending of confirmation, invoicing and renewal emails
  • Sites optimized for SEO referencing
  • Promotional websites with static or dynamic data
  • Sites with content management console (CMS)
  • Microsites for products or advertising campaigns
  • Transactional systems
  • Online store or subscription sites with inventory management, renewal and automatic emailing
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