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High-performance native applications give you the power to reach your audiences.

At Appcom, we have made mobile development one of our main activities. We develop custom mobile applications for mobile phones, tablets and smart watches based on each organization's projects and objectives. The various mobile application design projects that we have carried out have allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of the particularities of each platform.

The main advantage of mobile phones is undoubtedly their extraordinary accessibility, which allows us to use them anywhere and anytime. This perspective opens up business development opportunities that did not exist until recently. It's up to forward-thinking companies like yours to seize these opportunities and use them to highlight their creativity. Whether to improve your team's productivity or to offer your customers an efficient and complete mobile service, our application development solutions for mobile phones and tablets will satisfy your most specific needs!

We develop quality digital products and ecosystems.
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How do we create the best application? By working hand-in-hand with you at every step of the application's creation (even once the project is delivered!) and by respecting the highest development standards.

At Appcom, we develop on native technologies, which allows us to take full advantage of all the features of each platform and device. Our range of services is vast and we can easily carry out the vast majority of projects:

  • Native apps for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Android
  • Mobile applications using the devices' physical capabilities (GPS, accelerometer, camera, etc.)
  • “Companion” type application allowing to connect an application to other technological tools or systems
  • Applications with dynamic content, which is managed via a web-based console
  • Applications working with both newer versions of operating systems and older versions
  • Non web-enabled functional applications with updating systems
  • System using external components such as existing databases or third-party functionalities (weather, geocoding, etc.)
  • Universal apps (only 1 app works for phones and tablets)
  • Native apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Extension of an existing application to add components for watches
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