Design. User interface design (UI).

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Designing applications with impressive visuals.

Our design team imagines modern or traditional interfaces that allow you to achieve the specific objectives of your project. We can also offer you scalable mock-ups that can be adapted to your brand image.

Having a beautiful digital product is all well and good. To meet your objectives however, your user needs to quickly find the path to take and recognize your brand while navigating your digital ecosystem. This is where a leading-edge user interface made by experts becomes essential.

We develop quality digital products and ecosystems.
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Elegant interfaces for your users.

When we develop applications, Appcom's UI specialists ensure that your screens are impactful and clear. They align your interfaces with your brand's style guide and with the concrete results you want to achieve.

Appcom's services allow you to offer interfaces adapted to your users' reality:

  • Creation of ingenious user interfaces that are easy to use
  • Development of creative graphic concepts offering visual consistency and corresponding to your brand image
  • Design user interface (UI) components and style guides
  • Research fonts
  • Creation of stimulating and effective graphic experiences, in connection with the brand and the products
  • Custom icon design
  • Interfaces that adapt fluidly to all platforms and all screens
  • Development of mock-ups and prototypes
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