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Located in the Montreal area, Appcom is a studio specializing in the development of mobile and Web applications.

With us Innovating into the future.

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Our expertise delivers.

Mobile application development.

We develop native mobile applications for phones, tablets and smart watches that meet the latest performance criteria.

Web application development.

We develop accessible and secure Web applications offering interfaces that adapt to users' reality.

User interface design (UI).

We imagine interfaces that reflect your visual identity and generate increased engagement.

User experience design (UX).

We create rich user experiences that guide your target audiences towards what they're looking for.

Our expertise delivers : mobile application, Web application, user interface and user experience

Proud to create innovative projects that make a difference

Calling all digital enthusiasts

Illustration we're always on the lookout for new talent.

We're always on the lookout for new talent.

If you're looking to work alongside a bright and welcoming team, to make a difference with innovative projects and to let your talents flourish, we want to talk to you.

They're building the future with us

  • Hydro Québec
  • Bluepulse
  • Québequad
  • Fondation de recherche MPN
  • AbbVie
  • CommonGrounds
  • Tink
  • MRP
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