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CommonGrounds is a California-based company that offers workspaces; it has deployed an ambitious growth strategy over the last two years, with a plan to open more than 250 locations in the next three years. The enterprise aims to position itself as one of the top five businesses in this fast-growing sector.


User experience had to be seamless for customers, while also maintaining a high level of connectivity between management and all administrative systems, such as accounting and payment processing software, in addition to a scheduling system, assorted data collection of members' habits, etc.
A multi-platform


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Mobile application for companies
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Tablet application for management
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Tablet application for visitor registration
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Web application Web for companies
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Management console
The digital ecosystem developed by Appcom is now used daily by all of CommonGrounds' customers and has become a centerpiece of this expansion. Such a system had to be tailored to showcase significant and quantifiable benefits in contrast with competitors.
Cross-plateform ecosystem: mobile app, web app and tablet app


APPCOM was initially mandated with the development of CommonGrounds' original pilot project. Our solution demonstrated clear benefits, and we've been developing and unfolding the ecosystem, including mobile applications, with an update per month over the last three years.
What we did What we did

What we did

Developed all components required for CommonGrounds' digital ecosystem, which has since become a fundamental tool for customer interactions. Using an application, a member can create a profile for their company, subscribe to a rental agreement, manage payment methods, see statements, book meeting rooms, and interact with supervisors at a local level throughout a network of workspaces across the United States. Applications were made with native programming languages such as Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android to maximize growth.
To ensure both customers and administrators get the most out of the system, it integrates features such as an API that allows real-time synchronization of schedules & statements and a management dashboard that enables one to run every location and its workspaces from a single spot. Since the application has become a core element of CommonGrounds differentiation strategy, a superior user experience was a primary design goal, especially in a context in which it must offer multiple intricate features.
Applications are available on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, while the management console is available online.
Impact and results
Impact and results of the CommonGrounds project carried out by Appcom
A privileged


Our system has now become the favored tool by both customers and management personnel. Users appreciate the constant additions of new features that enable them to maximize their interactions with workspaces and their staff through an optimized user experience.
Many new customers and positive comments from the CommonGrounds project

New customers

A proprietary system developed by APPCOM processes more than 90% of all payments to and from CommonGrounds.
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