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AbbVie is among the most important pharmaceutical companies in Canada.


Although organizations from that sector are great innovators in the medical research and development field, they still lack the communication tools necessary to interact with doctors and other healthcare professionals.
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iOS & Android mobile application
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iOS & Android tablet application
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Management console
Cross-platform ecosystem: mobile app, web app and tablet app


APPCOM's goal was to create and develop a set of modern communication interfaces that were adequately powerful and versatile to improve data flow while easy and convenient enough for a busy customer base to be unopposed to the use of smartphones as part of their work.

Additionally, the healthcare sector's numerous regulations and restrictions were respected while implementing these tools.
What we did What we did

What we did

Developed a proprietary system built around mobile applications that would help share information with doctors and healthcare professionals, as well as offer an improved and optimized handling of said information once gathered by AbbVie's support team.To this end, AbbVie can upload and manage different file types on an application, and users can download from that collection of content. This system allows the management of, among other things, focus group surveys, direct messages, contact information organized by access level, and reference guides about the length of treatments and such.
Navigation experience had to be efficient and pleasant to lessen the administrative burden of healthcare professionals, as they are considerably busy and solicited.On the other hand, AbbVie's management required a system that would allow vast flexibility and complete autonomy.
Applications are available on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, while the Web application and management console are available online.
Impact and results
Impact and results of the Abbvie project carried out by Appcom


As soon as we launched the project, feedback from both users (healthcare professionals) and administrators (AbbVie's support team) was overwhelmingly positive. They were impressed by the tool's simplicity as well as the improvements it provided at work.
A new digital ecosystem for Abbvie
A new


This new digital ecosystem allowed AbbVie to receive information from healthcare professionals effortlessly and inexpensively, without using traditional methods that require substantial spending and elaborate structuring. Our initial mandate has become an everevolving project in multiple development phases, with much work to be rendered in the coming years.
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