Description of the project


The Metapédia club is part of a group of prestigious organizations highly structured and well aware of the impacts of regional tourism. Providing a mobile application for its guests for a few years already, Matapedia is a pioneer in the field. However, this application was used to work with PDF maps and was not easily updated. This is why Appcom was mandated to develop a new mobile application that relies on iOS and Android modern features and that integrates the mapping system already designed for the FQCQ. The result is a modern premium product that appeals to both the visitors and the local club members.


Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

The designed mobile application uses the latest mapping geomatics data technologies in order to insure an optimized maintenance and scalability. The visuals of the application were fully redesigned and the general browsing ergonomics rebuilt. Tablet versions were also derived from the mobile versions so that the application provides an optimal performance, regardless of the platform used.

Tablet application

Appcom has also developed promotional banners to announce the launching of this new product at public events such as the National ATV Show and other local festivals.