Description of the project


The objective was the development of a new simple and easy way to administer CMS website that could offer a modern and dynamic image of the organization.

Univesta Insurance and Financial Services is one of the largest insurance brokers in Quebec and offers quality services from its 13 offices across the province. In business for over 60 years, the firm attaches great importance to its image and its online presence.

Our mandate was to build a new website that would perform greatly on page loads, usability, and of course, user experience and design. In this project, we also developed an administrative console that allows the staff at Univesta to edit and update the content of their new website in a completely autonomous manner.


Univesta Insurance and Financial Services inc.

Areas of expertise of the project

CMS responsive website

With its sleek design and simple colors, the new Univesta website perfectly reflects the prestige and reputation of the company. It was designed in full screen mode to take advantage of larger monitors, while respecting web standards and ensuring optimal display on smaller screen dimensions. The technological structure that supports the website has been greatly optimized to provide a page display times of about 300 milliseconds.

The new website has an attractive home page that allows users to fin easily what they are looking for and be updated on the latest news and promotions. We conducted a general referential structure optimization in order to facilitate the positioning on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bind. Finally, the new technological structure, its comprehensive homepage and its new sleek design make an ergonomic website with intuitive navigation.

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Administrative console

Univesta wanted a quickly accessible and simple administrative console to be able to independently manage the content of their website. We have developed a series of visual and intuitive administrative tools to manage the CMS Website. The use of the administrative console is so simple that it allows to edit, add or remove any of the 150 pages of the website in only 2 clicks of a mouse.

Editing pages takes into account the multilingual content and automatically manages the links between pages. Administrative tools also provide access to key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags, thereby granting full control to the administrator of the website. In addition to publishing content, the console allows the user to change the content of the homepage and its news and promotions slider. The tools developed by Appcom can transform more complex tasks into simple and user-friendly operations that can be performed by anyone, a key element of the design that guarantees the overall efficiency of the organization’s website.