Description of the project


The basic idea was for Appcom to create a socially-oriented project in a relatively untapped sector. Through the years, our team has gained considerable experience in the field of motorized sports, more specifically in the quad segment. It therefore made sense to focus our project on this particular segment. Appcom quickly identified the services currently available in that industry and, more importantly, its needs. We discovered various service gaps, namely that ATV drivers had no visual access to the network of places and trails they explored and no possibility to share their maps with other quad drivers. That is how we came up with the concept of a mobile application for the Canadian and US market, focusing on mapping and points of interest for drivers. The fast-growing quad segment, with strong sales in North America, was definitely a market worth exploring and an audience worth reaching for.


Appcom decided to initiate this project internally because it saw an opportunity to further develop the quad market. There was no customized tool to help users plan their rides and the TrailTracker filled that gap, providing an application tailored to the needs of ATV drivers. We intend to develop partnerships with quad associations to market the application and with industry federations and sports magazines for its promotion.

Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

TrailTracker was designed to meet the needs of ATV drivers. Serving as a virtual logbook, this tool records all traveled itineraries. Much like social networks, the application allows users to share trails through convenient and customizable groups.

Indispensable Tools

Designed for iPhone and Android platforms, the application allows users to save information, such as average speed, latitude, map itinerary and expenses for each ride and access it off line later on. Statistics can be viewed for specific periods, i.e. per week, month or year. The customized map keeps track of all the rides and saves the data for easy retrieval based on pre-established evaluation criteria. The application provides practical information such as the time of sunset, an essential piece of information when riding in the forest. It also includes a compass and uses the device’s GPS functionality to help drivers pinpoint their location at all times.

Group Functionalities

One of the TrailTracker strongest and most innovative features is that it allows users to create groups in which members can share their location and trails. Based on the most popular social network functionalities, the TrailTracker enables users to share their favorite places with the people they choose. They can also recommend trails and, more importantly, communicate their location. The TrailTracker indicates in real time the position of each group member of the map. Safe and convenient, this feature allows users to keep track of everyone and prevents people from getting lost in the forest.

No Network? No Problem!

The reality of riding off road is that access to a network is not always available. Designed with this reality in mind, TrailTracker provides off line access to all trips, points of interest and trails saved in your account. Your riding history, personal maps and group maps can be accessed through the application since the information is saved locally on each device. Even with no connexion, ride-related data is stored on your device so you don’t miss a second of the trails you travel. Synchronization starts as soon as a connexion to the Internet becomes available.

Responsive Microsite

In order to promote the application’s functionalities, we developed a website detailing TraitTracker’s various components. A contact form is also available for users who need additional information about the application and those who wish to send comments or suggestions.

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