Description of the project


The sales process is constantly changing and sales professionals need to innovate and reinvent themselves. That is why Appcom and Guy Bourgeois joined forces to create this brand new application. The combination of Appcom’s technical expertise with Guy Bourgeois’ 25-year experience in sales resulted in a mobile technological solution tailored to the needs and reality of today’s sales professionals. TopCloser is a mobile application designed to help salespeople reach their goals, but also a web console enabling sales managers to monitor team results. It is an efficient, intuitive and stimulating tool.


Guy Bourgeois has been excelling in the field of sales since the age of 20, when he took over the family business and quickly increased its profitability. He then started a food distribution company, before concentrating his efforts on sales training and conferences. Appcom has always showed an interest for the field of sales. Given its technological background, expertise in mobile application development and business acumen, its association with Guy Bourgeois to create TopCloser came naturally. They decided to join forces and develop their own sales management tool to help increase sales team performance.

Areas of expertise of the project

A Versatile Application!

TopCloser combines 5 functionalities in a single, easy-to-use application. It allows you to readily access and monitor in real time the status of your sales. You establish professional goals and use the dashboard to assess your performance. The management console allows sales managers to monitor the sales results of their employees. The color scheme can also be adjusted to reflect the visual identity and logo of your company, thus offering a tool that is truly tailored to your corporate image. TopCloser is avaiblable in English and French on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play.

A Daily Selling Tool

TopCloser allows sales professionals to establish goals such as the number of sales, new accounts or total commissions. When they complete sales activities, salespeople can use their mobile phone to enter them, specify whether it’s a new account, whether the sale has been closed and indicate the total sales amount and commission earned. This information is automatically entered on the dashboard which indicates in real time the sales performance and progression towards the established goals. Sales professional can access the history of their sales activities at any time. They can also set personal goals in the form of dreams or projects such as buying a new car, planning a trip, etc. By keeping these goals in mind, TopCloser motivates and helps sales professional exceed expectations. It also provides weekly sales advice that users can save and use for inspiration or as motivational tools.

Sales Team Management Platform

The web management console is a very helpful tool for sales managers as it allows them to closely monitor the performance of salespeople. Managers have an overview of each team member’s statistics which allows them to provide their team with the appropriate level of support and motivation. Through connectivity with the mobile application, the management console is automatically updated and displays sales results in real time. The overall performance of all sales professionals can be view on the board and personalized using specific criteria such as sales team results or professional goals. The platform serves as an autonomous team management tool, allowing managers to add, modify or delete salespeople’s accounts. The console and mobile application can be customized to reflect your corporate visual identity thus providing a more personalized experience.

Promotional Microsite

The microsite designed to present TopCloser’s functionalities can be accessed through a mobile device or computer. It allows users to see, at a glance, the full range of services provided by the tool using concrete examples. The site also includes a contact form for requests for additional information about the application. In an effort to ensure an optimal experience, we offer a free 30-day trial to help users discover the full potential of TopCloser!

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