Description of the project

Mandate is a blog dedicated to amateurs of motorcycles. Owned by Presse Pixels International Inc.,’s goal is to keep its readers up to date with all the events and news of the motorcycle industry. This project required to design a modern website that could catch the eye of a reader amateur of speed and build a system that could meet the standards and needs of the client to help him write his articles.


Areas of expertise of the project

CMS responsive website

The front page of the website gives easily access to all the necessary elements while keeping a simple and attractive style. Although the system contains many features and sections, our product stays user-friendly. Thereby, the client can manage his content completely autonomously and keep his website up to date with peace of mind.

The websites we develop can be adapted to the screen sizes of mobile devices. Considering the growing number of smartphone users, it is crucial to allow users to navigate the web comfortably.

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