Description of the project


The purpose of the Médicobox was to serve as a fully automated and secure virtual platform that would facilitate the exchange of medical information between users and the practitioners in charge of their care. The Médicobox would provide healthcare providers and patients with a simple solution, allowing them to view their health profile quickly and in real time. Through its intuitive and secure interface, the Médicobox platform would offer users the tools required to track their medical needs and act as a key partner in the proactive management of their health.


The Médicobox platform is a complement to the Médicobus, a state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic providing a comprehensive and customizable range of proactive healthcare services at the workplace. Combined, the Médicobox and Médicobus provide employees with a full array of medical tests, as well as real-time access to their results, with no traveling required!

Areas of expertise of the project

Web Portal

Whether for workplace screening, consultation with a pharmacist or regular follow-up visit, the Médicobox health passport provides users with an efficient and reliable communication tool that allows them to relay relevant information to the appropriate health care professional.

Complete Online Profile

First and foremost, the Médicobox health passport centralizes all data related to patient care: tests, results, follow-up visits and appointments. It serves as a personal medical archiving tool which users can access at any time. The health passport includes medical test results, as well as all important medical documents users need to keep track of. Documents can be uploaded easily for future reference. The portal allows users to view more than thirty different types of tests and their results (normal, irregular, at risk). In addition, Médicobox includes an exclusive feature that analyzes the test results and provides an assessment of the user’s overall health status. This allows users to follow the evolution of their health over time using various metrics and tables.

Efficient Appointments & Follow-Up

The Médicobox portal includes a questionnaire that users can fill with basic information before an appointment to speed things up and centralize data. You need to share your medical record with a new practitioner? It’s easy. Simply print, email or transfer it to another smart device. Reminders, follow-up tests, appointments and vaccines are automatically updated in the application and sent to the user by email.

Website & Management Console

The website was designed to provide all the information regarding the Médicobox portal. In a few clicks, users have access to the full array of available tests, an overview of the portal and the steps required to activate their profile. The simple and efficient interface helps users master the platform easily.

A dashboard was also created to provide the client with autonomous and intuitive management of the website. The CMS allows the client to add new content and reply to messages sent by users through the website.

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