Description of the projet


The challenge with this application was to find a way to adapt it to the users’ lifestyle while maximizing the visibility of the FQCC services. Campers and RV owners need a convenient and user-friendly tool that does not require access to a network. In addition, since the FQCC offers multiple rewards to its members, the application had to include a feature that would allow users to find and locate nearby reward partners – gas stations, service areas, restaurants – on a map. The objective was to create a tool that would become indispensable for camping aficionados.


Established nearly 50 years ago, the Fédération québécoise de camping et de caravaning (FQCC) includes more than 40,000 registered families and provides them with information, savings and better planning tools for their camping vacations. It is the largest group of campers and RV owners in Quebec, with its 18 regional camping and RV associations located throughout the province. It made perfect sense for the FQCC to introduce an application such as Le Campeur to make life easier for its members through a convenient and customized tool.

Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

The Le Campeur mobile application is a tool that enables users to locate campgrounds, gas stations, restaurants, service areas and much more. Businesses and service providers who offer exclusive rewards to FQCC members can be quickly and easily located. A section is also dedicated to guides and tools. It includes practical info sheets on a variety of topics such as how to start a campfire or how to use the unit converter provided with the application. A help function is also available for users who need additional support.

Service Points

The services offered by the FQCC are organized by type: tourist attractions, businesses, grocery stores, etc. in a network that covers both Canada and the US. In total, 2,500 service points are listed and searches can be performed efficiently and accurately using 23 different filters. Directly linked to the functionalities of the user’s device, the detailed profile sheet of each service point allows you to call or create an itinerary to the desired location. It is also possible to suggest the addition of new service points that are not yet listed.

Exclusive Member Rewards

The reward section lists all exclusive offers to members such as discounts on gas, in restaurants or on campground stays. It lists all partners offering exclusive rewards to FQCC members, provides a complete description for each and enables a detailed search.

Interactive Map

The interactive map allows the user to locate service points, identify their GPS location and filter results for a more accurate search. Various types of maps are available (i.e. road, satellite).

An Indispensable Tool for Phones and Tablets

No matter where you are in North America, there is no need to worry about roaming fees because all services are accessible off line! Synchronized locally on your phone, all functionalities are readily available.

Le Campeur serves as a road map, phone directory, travel guide and GPS directly from your phone…smart! Designed for mobile phones, the application is also available on iPad using a special interface optimized for the tablet format.

Management Console

The Management console provides the FQCC with the ability to modify content. For example, they can easily make changes to a service point through a user-friendly interface connected to the database. The information is automatically updated in the application.