Description of the project


The Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads (FQCQ) is the second largest leisure federation of Quebec and has more than 50 000 members while maintaining more than 25 000 km of quad trails. Working with a company this large was a big challenge since we had to consider the most effective way to reach members across Quebec. The scope of the data that needed to be transmitted was another big challenge. This project, which is now the pride of the FQCQ, has contributed to the development of our knowledge of mobile applications.


La Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads (FQCQ)

Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

iQuad is a mobile application, a navigation utility designed specifically for Quebec quad riders. It allows the user to browse and consult the entire network of marked quad trails, providing powerful geographical localization tools. It entirely covers the province of Quebec, offering precision and details of each region on a map. No more paper maps! iQuad gives FQCQ members the perfect companion.

Tablet application

If a mobile phone application is ideal for field usage, a tablet application should offer comfort and a user-friendly interface for your trip planning, in your house! iQuad for mobile tablets can accomplish much more, and faster, all while keeping a portable and simple design. It offers the same navigational tools than its phone counterpart, with a redesigned interface taking advantage of greater screen sizes, making it more attractive.

Responsive micro-website

In order to ensure that iQuad and iQuad HD get enough exposure and great customer support, we have designed a website to promote all our applications, using the most advanced web standards. Our website offers everything users need to take full advantage of our applications, giving the necessary information on how to contact the FQCQ. It gives access to various guides for members and visitors, as well as comprehensive information for the public and media. is the reference for everything related to iQuad and iQuad HD.

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