Description of the projet


The Quebec Maritime Association (QMA) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to represent the water sport and boating industries across Quebec. With 18 years of experience, the QMA represents more than 200 companies spread across several sectors of the maritime industry and more than 8,000 boating enthusiasts.

The creation of iNautique was inspired by the iQuad mobile application, the QMA needed a mobile application that could regroup all the points of interest relative to the maritime industry. The application is directly linked to the QMA online subscription website.


Association Maritime du Québec (AMQ)

Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

The mobile application of the QMA, iNautique, is the tool of choice for every boating enthusiast in Quebec. With its integrated geolocalization system, iNautique features an interactive map listing marinas, recreational harbors, sailing schools and much more. The application also contains useful tips for boating enthusiasts and a list of the main events related to boating. iNautique also allows its members view a list of their favorite retailers. Free, accessible and user-friendly, iNautique is a must have for any fans of boating in Quebec!

Online subscription website

The online subscription web application AMQ is the portal between the mobile application iNautique and the interactive map subscriptions. When a business registers, its details are directly sent to the iNautique mobile application which displays them in real-time.

The AMQ can register shops, administer marine activities, create sales reports, manage and update news and update points of interest in real-time.

This accessible and efficient tool enables businesses to increase their visibility in a few clicks and iNautique followers to quickly get all the necessary information.

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