Description of the project


The Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR) is a reference for all enthusiasts practicing this sport in Quebec, whether on trails or in federated private parks. The FQMHR wanted to renew its image with the design of its new website. The development of this new website was an important mandate and represented a challenge in its implementation, especially due to its imposing public section, its integrated online sale of access rights and its powerful yet simple administrative console. For this project, we used many of our fields of expertise.


Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR)

Areas of expertise of the project

CMS website

Designing a new website was a major decision in the renewal strategy of the image of the FQMHR. Although the design has been completely refurbished, the modern image of the federation on the Internet went far beyond a revamped look. The structure of the website and its content have been redesigned in order to make it accessible, simple and user-friendly.

In addition, given the current Web context, it was important to consider, during the preparation of the design and the navigation structure, the variety of screen sizes between different users. This is why the FQMHR website gives a full screen effect while remaining optimized for smaller screens. Its menu structure, rapid search and social links make it a complete, ergonomic and comfortable website.

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Administrative console

The FQMHR wanted to have full control over the website in order to maintain the content with the most up-to date information. We have developed a package of management tools for the uninitiated staff to properly manage the various sections of the website.

Whether it is the advertisement slider, adding videos or edit the content of the pages, the administrative console allows a user to quickly perform any of these tasks with efficiency. With these new tools, the FQMHR is now fully autonomous in the management of its website.