Description of the project


The Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR) is a reference for all enthusiasts practicing this sport in Quebec, whether on trails or in federated private parks. The FQMHR wanted to renew its image with the design of its new website. The development of this new website was an important mandate and represented a challenge in its implementation, especially due to its imposing public section, its integrated online sale of access rights and its powerful yet simple administrative console. For this project, we used many of our fields of expertise.


Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR)

Areas of expertise of the project

Web application for selling access rights

This part of the project was to develop a web application that would allow users to purchase access rights online directly from the FQMHR website. Members of the federation, until recently, had to physically visit a store to get their access rights.

The application allows the federation to expand its activities in a safe and secure way while offering to its members a modern and user-friendly experience. The automation of the online purchase process promises to be a revolution in this growing industry.

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