Description of the project


Unconditional amateur of free diving, the client gave Appcom the task to create an unusual mobile application. It consists in a free diving simulator that allows rubbing shoulders with rare, popular and dangerous sea creatures in the palm of your hand and to meet timed free diving challenges. The videos included are all equally incredible. To promote the application, APPCOM also developed a microsite and the logo of the project.


Philipe Virgili

Areas of expertise of the project

Application mobile

The iOS and Android mobile and tablet applications highlight the uniqueness of the videos by offering minimalist and organized interface. In addition, the video quality is adapted in function of the size and the resolution of the screen used (mobile or tablet). Result record and performance sharing features were created in order to confer a playful aspect to the simulations. While the application is free, some integrated purchases give access to rare and more dangerous species. Finally, a microsite was designed to promote this remarkable product and to provide the users with explanations regarding the context of the videos captured by the client himself. The applications and the microsite are available in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Tablet application

Responsive micro-website

A microsite has been developed to promote this unique product and provide users with information about the context of these videos filmed by the customer himself. The application and the micro-website are available in four languages, French, English, Spanish and Italian.

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