Description of the project


Appcom assists the Saint-Charles Cemetery organization since they started the strategic process that allowed numerous organizational changes, notably regarding its public image. APPCOM was responsible for the redesign of the organization’s Web site and the creation of entirely updated visuals. The visual concepts are the result of new strategic axis aiming to introduce new products and services and to create value for the site and its unique heritage.


Cimetière Saint-Charles

Areas of expertise of the project

CMS Responsive website

With its lively and welcoming visuals, the new Web site developed for the Saint-Charles Cemetery expresses pretty well the desire of the organization for modernization. As well as being a public destination, the Web site can be used as a tool to highlight the historical patrimony preserved by the cemetery. Its interactive map localizes the different monuments and the various historical personalities of Quebec and the array of photographs will surely satisfy anyone interested in the heritage of Quebec. A news and obituary notice module was also integrated so the cemetery can communicate punctual information to the community. The Web site is responsive and its utilization is optimized for both mobile devices and computer monitors. Finally, a simplified management console was developed in order to give the organization a complete autonomy regarding the maintenance of its Web-based platform.

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Interactive map

First of its kind, the interactive map of the Saint-Charles Cemetery website offers an interactive bird’s eye view of the terrain. Thus, a visitor can easily see the monuments and notable figures of the history of Quebec. Appcom has taken all measures required to build this interactive map from aerial view images.

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