Description of the project


The Saint-Charles Cemetery is the largest cemetery of Quebec City: more than 200 000 people are interred there. The site embraces important social, cultural and educational dimensions. The sharing of the patrimony and religious history, the personalities and the famous founders are in themselves something important to glorify. Moreover, cemeteries are the home of sumptuous funerary monuments of great historical, social, architectural and artistic values. It is in this context and following a strategic planning process led by the organization that Appcom was commissioned to develop a mobile application that would provide a guided tour of the site with thematic paths.


Cimetière Saint-Charles

Areas of expertise of the project

Mobile application

The mobile application was developed for iOS (iPhone) and Android platforms and aims to highlight the heritage treasures. The mapping was built with recent aerial photographs and the tour was designed based on geopositioning which allows the visitor to follow a path on which are presented the monuments and the personalities when he or her approaches a specific point. The visitor is then steered to the next point, and is hence guided throughout the whole tour. Moreover, the application provides the users with rich information on historical and actual facts regarding the cemetery and allows them to make online donations to preserve the site. The application’s visuals were designed with aerial photos and videos captured with drones.

Tablet application