A standard of excellence

Innovation and success

Here at Appcom, we devote ourselves to the conception and development of creative solutions that generate a real impact on the performance of companies with whom we collaborate. Our constant determination to innovate requires us to be resourceful in all our fields of expertise.

The quality of our advices and our products reflects our standards of excellence and our passion for new technologies. We are best suited to support you in your decision-making and thus help you develop your company in terms of strategies and information technologies.

Creation of mobile experience

Mobile applications development

With considerable expertise in mobile applications development, we have been designing, for many years now, mobile applications that meet the needs of our customers. These native applications meet all the requirements of the iOS and Android platforms. They are especially designed for the mobile technological components, leveraging functionalities such as geolocation, Bluetooth communication and motion detection.

This exciting marketplace offers endless opportunities for tools that are both fun and practical. At Appcom, we use creativity in support of technology, as our mobile applications clearly demonstrate.

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Tablet applications development

Tablets have earned an enviable position in today’s digital habits, creating high demand and providing unlimited potential for innovation. Halfway between the mobile and the desktop, tablet applications combine the best these two have to offer: mobility and performance. With that in mind, we design mobile tablet applications that are much more than mere extensions of smartphone applications. They leverage the full potential of each platform’s functionalities and physical components – such as screen size – to create a product that is both intuitive and efficient. Our technical expertise combined with our creativity enable us to meet all your needs as well as those of your customers.

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Smartwatch applications development

At Appcom, we keep pace with smartwatch applications because we fell they can significantly enhance your technological offer. Whether it’s an interpretation of an existing application or the creation of a brand new one, we put our mobile technology expertise to work to offer you a cutting-edge high quality product. We use the physical components of each device to turn them into genuine wrist computers.

Our connected watch native applications give new meaning to the concept of accessibility and allow users to access your content at all times. The result: an engaging interactive offer and increased customer loyalty towards your brand and products.

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UI/UX design

Today’s consumers rarely contemplate the upstream work behind their preferred sites and applications, as long as everything is fast, easy and functional. Web and mobile platforms have become the perfect example of an intelligent, fluid and organic medium improving people’s everyday life. This is the result of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

In order to meet the increasingly high expectations of consumers in terms of experience when visiting a website or using an application, you need Appcom’s extensive UI/UX expertise. It is this expertise that will enable you to strategically and transparently guide your users towards the achievement of your business goals and, ultimately, provide the best means to maximize your return on investment.

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Other expertises

Website conception

A website is more crucial than ever to provide an efficient online customer experience. Acting as a window front, the website is the gateway to your business and the customer’s first impression of your brand. Since image now rules everything, we pay special attention to the website’s visual aspects, using a carefully planned and refined design that will leave ample room for content. The seamless structure of the site ensures a fluid and intuitive user experience; users must be able to quickly find what they are looking for.

And more importantly, your site must be well-referenced if users are to find it. Our SEO (search engine optimization) services will ensure an optimal search engine ranking that will turn your website into a prominent gateway. A strong web presence is the key to remarkable results in terms of traffic, visibility and organic referencing.

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Internet strategy

As in all things, it is better to think before you act. It’s a principle we firmly believe in at Appcom and the reason why we offer our customers strategic planning services to help them identify business opportunities. An informed strategy allows you to clearly define your corporate goals. It also ensures a strong web presence, especially on your customers’ preferred platforms. Once this guideline has been established, we can implement evolving tools that will enhance the user experience and increase customer loyalty.

Our strategic services also include the monitoring of pre-established performance indicators, along with various reports that will ensure a close follow-up of the implemented strategies.

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Web hosting

Our hosting services rely on a physical server technology, using dedicated servers located in Canada. Each server provides exclusive efficient and customized service. The continuous monitoring of our websites enables us to detect problems quickly, 24/7, thus ensuring our clients’ peace of mind. Our team focuses on your requirements to provide turnkey solutions that will satisfy all your needs. Appcom offers you a level of assistance and technical support that guarantees a top-quality service.

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Interactive mapping

Our advanced interactive mapping systems allow you to display the information your target market seeks, in a selective and dynamic way that will make you stand out. By offering location-based contents, tailored to your market and customers, you will make yourself indispensable. Through the use of technologies such as geo-location, geocoding, geo-fencing and micro-location you allow users to access relevant location-based information in real-time.

Our management consoles give you complete control over geographic data and let you manage your platform efficiently and independently. Our interactive mapping expertise lets you anticipate your users’ needs and set yourself apart from the competition. Using such accurate targeting will help you become part of your consumers’ everyday life and achieve your corporate goals.

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Transactional system

Online selling may be an extension of a company or its core activity. A local business may, for example, want to reach a market a thousand times bigger and more diversified or even cross borders to compete globally. Other concepts are created exclusively for the online market. In both cases, the primary concern is to offer customers engaging digital interactions that are fluid and, most importantly, secure.

Appcom creates your entire transactional platform, whether it is simple or highly sophisticated. Our goal: facilitate and maximize sales for your company and its products.

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Content management system (CMS)

Our custom-designed content management consoles allow you to fully control your web and mobile tools, using intuitive and easy interfaces. It is the only tool your team requires to manage access and edit your platform. Our websites and mobile applications are tailored to your needs in terms of dynamic content, functionalities and data management.

In addition, our content management systems (CMS) ensure the automatic updating of all your platforms and applications and allow you to enhance your content efficiently. Everything is in the manual! Your personalized user guide will provide you with all the information you need to manage the components and potential of your platforms.

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Graphic design and branding

You want to start a new project or improve on an existing product? You have a new application, a website or a concept and all that is missing is the branding. You need a visual identity that will set you apart, draw attention and make you stand out in an already highly coveted market; an identity that will generate results beyond expectations.

That is why Appcom believes that, aside from the aesthetics, design should also play a functional role. Appcom provides branding creation and development services that will help define the future of your projects.

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